Note: This is a fan fiction not a role play. If you would like a character to be involved just comment below and we can see what we can do.

Chapter One: The Black WingEdit

3042 A.R., Outskirts of the Kingdom of Lipsion:Edit

An old fox sits in a rocking chair, looking out into a golden field of wheat. His attire was wool pants with OD Green Leather suspenders, his muzzle grew a mid size beard as grey as a piece of clay. His brownish fur glimmers as he rocks back an forth, thinking of what happen in the past. Then, a young fox comes skipping up and sits on the older fox's lap, her purple eyes look up to.

"Dady, why are you out here rocking back and forth?", the little girl fox ask.

"Well sweetie, I was just thinking of things that only grown ups such as myself would understand. Maybe when you grow older I would tell you.", he says to her looking down with a smile.

"Oh come one dady, I am a big girl now..please..pretty please", she says as she looks at him with the sweetest look she can make.

The father looks at her, he smiles to her face as she makes the cutest facial expression she ever made. "Well your birthday is in a few days..and you will be 12 years old..I guess I can tell you a small tale of my past..", he says to her. 

Within few seconds of saying that, the older fox looks up at the fields as the peace and quiet sounds became the sound of someone screaming in the back as large bangs erupted as he closes his eyes. His surroundings change as he is now sitting in a Focke-Wulf 190 A-1, in mid air.

3021 A.R., Kingdom of Lipsion Airspace- Location unkown:Edit

The older fox now as a young pilot sits in the cockpit, his paw grips the "stick" as he day dreams. His thoughts escaped him as drifts into a deep dream, but was quickly waken up by is squad leader.

"Hay William don't be falling asleep on us!", the squad leader says as he pulls up next to him.

"Yes sir it wouldn't happen again," he looks at the window, "Morgan and Willsion you ok back there?", he says to the other two pilots.

"Everything is find here, we are about to come up to the village that we're suppose to patrol. Wait William is this town your hometown.", Morgan says to him when shes was rudely interrupted.

"Hometown!? Hay William mind giving us a little tour, I mean we can land in those fields no problem. Hell maybe we can all get together and by each other rounds.", say Willsion.

"Get it together people...", he looks forward as he was it by a MG round piercing the front part of his window, passing his face. Little tiny pieces of glass flies in the cockpit as he watches the bullet exit out the other end. "I got hit!", he says breaking off.

"Where I don't see them?", Morgan says as she looks around her view points. The sky is thick with clouds as the lights of their cockpits can be seen only a few feet. 

Know leading the squad as the squad leader regains his barrings, Willsion notices a roar of an V12 engine. "Uh..", before he can react to the noise a large bomber appears out of the clouds, its left engine collides with Willsion..tearing his plane apart..sending them both down.

Quickly reacting, Morgan breaks from the group and heads to the squad leader as she gets chased by an unkown fighter; breaking off the unkown bomber formation. "Williams get him off me..I can't shake him, I need to see our squad leaders condition", she says attempting to break from the unkown fighter.

William pulls back the throttle as he speeds up a vertical climbs, his engine spews little clouds of smoke as he climbs. "Come on babe..", eventually pulling to the point of going upside down he accelerates in a 45* angle towards the unkown fighter. "Move Morgan!", he says to heard while lining up his 20mm guns.

As Morgan pulls away, a line of tracer rounds fires next to her as William begins to shoot. The unkown fighter begins to pull off to engage, but was hit in its fuel tank causing a large explosion. The unkown plane torn in half as the pilot bails out on fire. "My god...", she says watching the event unfold. 


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